Oct 072017

Nicola Ratti’s The Collection is a series of relational works that test his studio practice of the past 18 months. Working deeply with a range of modular synthesis techniques, Ratti has generated a series of pieces that reflect both playfulness and rigour. In the same moment reflecting on the conditions of production, this edition breathes with a sense of determination, reflected in the pulsing grooves that reside on it.

Nicola Ratti – L6 from ROOM40 on Vimeo.

Nicola says of the edition:
“I believe there are records that you can name as an individual project with a clear identity or theme and there are others that are more like a treasure chest where you put the collection of what represent your best artistic development during a specific time on your path. This set of recordings is the later, a studio collection that summarises the results of my experimentations of the past couple of years.”

Oct 032017

Rafael Toral came to visit us at Room40 in the mid 00s. His concert remains firmly in my heart. It was an evocative and explosive journey through tonality, ambience and deep chasms of reverb. During his time here, we discussed him making an edition for Room40. It’s with great pleasure then we celebrate the release of Moon Field this week.

You can check the edition via a stream from our friends over at THE WIRE.

Aug 182017

A few years ago, The Necks were scheduled to play in Brisbane. An accident effecting Lloyd’s family meant for that evening Chris Abrahams and Tony Buck performed two solos. Both were excellent!
At dinner that evening, I was asking Tony about the performance he’d given. It was a curving journey through rhythm, static, guitar harmonics and electronic texture. In my mind it is this conversation that has resulted in Unearth, Buck’s first solo in too long. I’m very pleased to offer this edition to you and recommend it without reserve! Check out the first video here.

Aug 182017

Some of the most provocative performative installation work I have ever experienced came care of Osaka’s Tetsuya Umeda. I once had the pleasure of wandering the streets of Tennoji with Ytamo and Oorutaichi, where Umeda had created a series of staggering sonic (and other) interventions that bent time and space. To pair Umeda with Brisbane’s master of curved light (and sound) Ross Manning is a true delight.
It brings me great pleasure then, to announce MONO25 at the IMA on Thursday Sept 7. The event is free and you can reserve a spot via Eventbrite.

May 212017

The better part of a decade ago, Janek Schaefer sent through a wonderful recording ‘In The Last Hour‘, a highpoint for the label that year.

Over the years we’ve chatted about other projects and made available some special tidbits, then a few months back Janek passed on a collection on vignettes. I was struck by the fragility of the works, they were elegantly hopeful, but longing, layered with a cloaked narrative of love and despair. I invite you to listen, late in the evening if you can (when this music was made), to this fine collection of collected ambient moments.

Apr 242017

There’s times where I have listened to the music of Chihei Hatakeyama for hours on end. He creates, without question, some of the finest ambient work that you’re likely to encounter. On Mirage, he returns with his first LP edition published by us here at Room40.

Drawing on his travels and recordings made in Turkey some years back, this recording is a meditation of sound, space and timbre. You can listen to an excerpt below…the colour LP is presented in grey marble.