Aug 242016

Mike Cooper, the man I once described as post-everything, is on the road in Europe these next few months. He is a force of nature, elegantly creating worlds of pure exotica with only the simplest of means. He is a rare ray of poetic sunshine and we can’t recommend him more strongly to you.



Sept 2nd – Italy – Rome – Orto Botanico

Sept – 3rd – France – Toulouse – Baignade Interdite #5 | Piscine d’Aiguelèze, Rivières (Tarn)

Sept – 4th – France – Toulouse – Baignade Interdite #5 | Piscine d’Aiguelèze, Rivières (Tarn)

Sept – 5th – France – Toulouse – Baignade Interdite #5 | Piscine d’Aiguelèze, Rivières (Tarn)

Sept – 9th – Russia – St Petersberg / Moscow

Sept – 10th – Russia – St Petersberg / Moscow

Sept – 11th – Russia – St Petersberg / Moscow

Sept – 15th – Italy – Rome – Monk Club – No=Fi Festival

Sept – 17th – Denmark – Copenhagen – Festival of Endless Gratitude 2016

Sept – 18th – Denmark – Copenhagen – Festival of Endless Gratitude 2016

Sept – 19th –Norway – Bergen – TBC.

Sept – 20th – Norway – Bergen – TBC. 

Sept. 21st – Norway – Bergen – TBC.

Sept – 24th – Belgium – Meakusma Festival 

Sept – 25th – Belgium – Meakusma Festival 

Oct. – 2nd – London – Arts Cafe

Oct – 5th – UK –Sheffield

Oct. – 6th – UK- Bradford

Oct.  – 7th – UK-London – The Ivy House

Oct – 8th – UK – Liverpool 

Oct – 12th – Spain Valencia

Oct – 14th – Spain Barcelona

Oct. – 22 – SpainValencia

Oct. – 25th – France  – Nantes

Oct – 26th – France – Nantes

Oct – 29th – Spain – Huesca

Aug 152016

Our good friends at Liquid Architecture are headed north and we’re joining together for two evenings of sound at the Institute Of Modern Art August 26 and 27. Prepare yourself for Listening at the Edge of a Knife: a tension and a balance between a sense (that one listens to) and a truth (that one understands), with performances from Puce Mary, Johannes Kreidler, Thembi Soddell and Tralala Blip. Both evenings will kick off around 7pm. They’re both free events. Sound in the space comes care of the most excellent Tone Pacer.

Aug 152016

Our dear friend Benjamin Thompson AKA Pale Earth has, as always, been busy. Currently residing in Tokyo, he has put together an astounding collection of sound based around process and work flow. We’re very pleased to announce this on our A Guide To Saints imprint. Elegant in its simplicity, Always is a relational set of three albums. A drifting and dynamic stream of audio consciousness. Check it out at our bandcamp.  Check out his lead video below.

Pale Earth – Be Right Back With Love from ROOM40 on Vimeo.

Jul 052016

Following his recent edition for Someone Good, our good friend Andrew Tuttle is preparing some actions in BNE.

10/07: The Bearded Lady, Brisbane. with Jason Lescalleet (USA) + Adam Sussmann/Tim Green

01/09: The Milk Factory, Brisbane. with Sensaround + Feet Teeth

07-08/09: BIGSOUND, Brisbane.

Jun 232016

Sometime in the late 1990s, John Chantler handed me a CDR of a band he was in. Aesthetically a long way away from his work of today, his inquisitive and industrious spirit was evident from the very beginning. Since that time he has become one of the core contributors to Room40 and a huge inspiration top many, myself included.

I couldn’t be more pleased to announce the release of Which Way To Leave?, his latest full length excursion into electronic music. It’s equal parts dense, sparse, melodic and textural. Easily his most developed and considered work today. The record also features contributions Okkyung Lee and Carina Thoren.

There’s a taster video delivered here at FACT Magazine.

It’s available in August.

Jun 222016

As many of you know a good few years back now Room40 extended its label family to include A Guide To Saints – which is dedicated to music in cassette format (and of course digital too, we’re not that idealogical). We just launched a dedicated Bandcamp for the imprint

I am excited to be making four new editions available this month. All four come housed in our handmade, hand sprayed and screened covers out by the fine folk at 7th Disaster.

The four editions are:

An Infinity Room – Julian Day’s incredibly reductive minimal organ drone project. Elegant vibrations in the air.

Leighton Craig – Four Hymnal-like lofi explorations into voice, keyboards and decay. 

Cured Pink – Brisbane post-punk, live bootleg. Dirty as hell and likely smoking as much too!

Celestino – Portland’s finest droner spent weeks alone on the arctic tundra, this is what that sounds like.