Apr 082014

Our good friend Austin Buckett has provided us with one of the most profound experiences of loop oriented music we’ve come across in some time. Taking nothing more than a snare drum skin and some sandpaper, Buckett has created 30 micro sound worlds, rich in detail and texture. GRAIN LOOPS is available now as an LP edition cut by the most excellent Rashad at Dubplates and Mastering.

If that’s not enough, 7 fine musicians have taken these source recordings and transformed them via a range of methods to create SAND STEMS 1-7, available as a free download at the emporium. Andrew Pekler (Germany), Giuseppe Ielasi (Italy), Delofi (Leaving Records, USA), DJ Earl (Teklife, Chicago), Te’ (Kynan Tan+Andrew Brooks), Thomas William, and Scissorlock (Marcus Whale) create a wholly other sound world drawn from Buckett’s original materials.

Mar 062014

Well, what a few months. Sorry for the radio silence here, we added some new team members here at Room40 HQ (a new son, Theodore) and also spent a good deal of time outside of the offices – enjoying a project alongside the fine folks from Symbiotica in the Pilbura and Japan.

But now it’d back to business. In the next few weeks we’ll be announcing a whole range of new releases – starting with Austin Buckett’s amazing Grain Loops LP, which will be live in a few days. We’re feeling very excited about the next year.

More to come, dear friends…

2013 winds its way towards an inevitable conclusion.

Before we get there though, you’ll be pleased to know a suite of new audio explorations are due for release and this month we’re very pleased to be issuing three new editions on Room40.

The first edition comes from Rafael Anton Irisarri, whom many of you will know from his outstanding The North Bend. He returns with another album of utterly spellbinding landscape music titled The Unintentional Sea.

Our next LP comes from Berlin based pianist Simon James Phillips, who delivers Chair easily one of the most expressive solo piano records we’ve had the pleasure to hear in some time. Deep, rich tonal playing like the heaviest clouds you could image!

The final edition this month continues our archival series from Brisbane underground electronic maestro Eugene Carchesio. 32 Days sees Carchesio deal out another unexpectedly cosmic sound experience – tiny percussive orbits exploding again and again.

Next month two new free editions!

We also complete out annual program of live events this Thursday with a concert from Glitch icon Oval at the IMA as part of the MONO series.

Sep 262013

For those in EU, LPE is headed back for a string of dates across the southern realms this October.

06 10 Sonic – Lyon  (Fr)
07 10 Spazio Targa – Genova (It)
09 10 Hub – Trento (It)
10 10 O’ – Milano (It)

And then onward to the In Mute Festival at the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens (GR) On Oct 12/13, where he debuts a new commissioned score for the Sergey Eisenstein film ‘Strike’.

LPE will also be undertaking a new commission based on Luc Ferrari’s Presque Rien, recording in Vela Luka, the town where the piece was originally recorded.