Aug 302015

This September LPE and John Chantler are headed to the USA to celebrate Room40′s 15th anniversary. We’ll be visiting North Carolina. California, Colorado, New York and Massachusetts. For more details head here.

Folk of Brisbane, we love you. We’ve loved you for a long time. You’re one of the very reasons we started doing what we do.

To celebration 15 years of actions, we’re putting on two very special events in collaboration with our good friends at the Institute Of Modern Art as part of the MONO series. On Saturday August 1 and Sunday August 2 we host the likes of Grouper & Paul Clipson, William Basinski, Makino Takashi and Ross Manning. We also present the premiere of Jim O’Rourke’s new 8 channel diffusion work specially commission for Room40′s 15th anniversary (it will be presented by Lawrence English, Jim loves Japan is staying right there!).

Limited two night passes are available NOW, as well as regular single night tickets. We look forward to seeing you there!

Oh and sound comes from the most amazing folk at Tonepacer, so expect transcendent audio!

Jan 102015

I often think about Fitzcaraldo. It’s a film about obsession and struggle, and lets face it, insanity. The reason I think about it most though is because of Fitzgerald’s dogged determination to realise something born of pure desire. When Room40 started in 2000, I’ll admit I shared much of the vigour for the unthinkable that Fitzgerald did. Incrementally over the past 15 years Room40, with wonderful efforts from amazing artists, compatriots and collaborators, has grown from a single voice calling from the deep south, into a chorus of voices echoing across the globe. To hear these voices, singing in a polyphonic unison, brings me great pride.

In 2015, Room40 is celebrating 15 years with a series of special editions, releases and events. We start this month in Europe with a series of dates featuring artists Lawrence English, Rafael Anton Irisarri, John Chantler and Heinz Riegler:

Room40 : 15 (EU)

22 January 2015 | Spectaculare Festival, Prague (CZ) LPE, JC, HR
22 January 2015 | Feed, Kunstwerke, Berlin (DE) RAI
23 January 2015 | Cafe OTO, London (UK) LPE, RAI, JC
24 January 2015 | Netwerk, Aalst (BE) LPE, RAI, JC
25 January 2015 | Fluister, Dordrecht Museum, Dordrecht (NL) AFTERNOON SHOW? LPE, RAI, JC
28 January 2015 | Berghain, Berlin, As Part Of CTM Un Tune (DE) - LPE
29 January 2015 | Jazzhouse, Copenhagen (DK) LPE, RAI, JC
30 January 2015 | Blå, Oslo (NO)  LPE, RAI, JC
31 January 2015 | HEK, Basel (CH)  LPE, RAI, JC
1 February 2015 | Cave12, Geneva (CH)  LPE, JC

Nov 202014

I think I can see the sun setting on this year already.

Hard to believe time can vanish so quickly! But, before we snuff out the light, two releases are here to accent the dusk! The first comes care of our long time associate Ueno Takashi (Mr Tenniscoats). He is a guitar master few can compare to, an experimentalist of the highest order and with Variations Of Weeds, he matches harmony and melody against raw invention! The Spaces Contained In Each is our other new edition to close the year. Recorded as part of a collaborative work between Steve Roden and Stephen Vitiello, it’s an elegant exploration of temporal texture. Deep and rich, like the colours of our metaphoric setting sun.