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Constant Rituals

David Shea was one of the very first artists we had the pleasure to hook up with in the late 1990s. He was visited Australia via some audio-visual connections and decided it might be a good place to land. A decade and a half on, he’s one of us now! Finally we’ve had the chance to cook up a project with David, which takes the form of his first new release in too long! Rituals is a collection of Shea’s output focusing on the Asia Pacific. It features collaborations with Oren Ambarchi, Joe Talia, Scanner and Lawrence English, amongst others.

Also out this month is our long awaited edition from Chris Herbert! His new album Constants is an elegant exploration into lush electronics. Recorded over the past half decade it bares the marks of careful consideration, composition and deconstruction.

Finally our friend Paul Clipson has made an incredible 16mm film for The Liquid Casket/Wilderness Of Mirrors from Lawrence English’s latest album, check it here via our friends at Adhoc