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Rafael Anton Irisarri


July 3, 2020

From Rafael Anton Irisarri…

Today marks five months of self-quarantine & lockdown.

It has mostly been a time of introspection for me: reconnecting with lost memories.

Earlier this year, we reissued The North Bend, which was remastered after a decade of separation from the work. It was amazing to hear how time alters what & how we remember.

These two long-forgotten tracks were originally released on a compilation made available through The Wire magazine & another Room40 anniversary compilation almost a decade ago. Lawrence recovered the full versions these pieces in the Room40 archive earlier this week. We thought it’d be a good idea to give them new life in this time of stagnation, so I remastered them at Black Knoll Studio.

Listening back, “Distance” feels incredibly poignant, in this context of isolation particularly, whilst “Path” feels like a little bit of light coming in. Perhaps something good comes out of all this challenging time: we might choose a different path, one that move us forward, and closer together.