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Grain Loops

Our good friend Austin Buckett has provided us with one of the most profound experiences of loop oriented music we’ve come across in some time. Taking nothing more than a snare drum skin and some sandpaper, Buckett has created 30 micro sound worlds, rich in detail and texture. GRAIN LOOPS is available now as an LP edition cut by the most excellent Rashad at Dubplates and Mastering.

If that’s not enough, 7 fine musicians have taken these source recordings and transformed them via a range of methods to create SAND STEMS 1-7, available as a free download at the emporium. Andrew Pekler (Germany), Giuseppe Ielasi (Italy), Delofi (Leaving Records, USA), DJ Earl (Teklife, Chicago), Te’ (Kynan Tan+Andrew Brooks), Thomas William, and Scissorlock (Marcus Whale) create a wholly other sound world drawn from Buckett’s original materials.