Sep 112018

Music is an art of time. It is this notion that is the central point of meditation for the new M. Geddes Gengras’s Light Pipe edition. Comprised of almost two and a half hours of incredibly rich and textural ambience, this edition is easily the greatest resolution of his particular relation to sound.

Here’s a little taster…

Sep 102018

Olivia Block played some incredible music for us during her visit to take part in Open Frame:Stockholm back in 2015. Since then we’ve been in discussion about working on an edition together. 132 Ranks, her gorgeous organ masterwork, is the result of these conversations. The piece was composed specifically for the enormous Skinner Organ at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel in Chicago.

Our cassette imprint, A Guide To Saints is also very proud to be releasing two highly focused explorations of singular action.

Vanessa Tomlinson, who very kindly played some critical sections on Wilderness Of Mirrors and Cruel Optimism, delivers her first solo release; The Space Inside. Two incredible works of restraint and detail for concert bass drum and tamtam.

Berlin based Julia Reidy explodes the potentials of guitar with her Beholder edition. A truly personal mediation of timbre, pulse and tonality.

Aug 072018

Beatriz Ferreyra’s legacy is as surprising as it is inspiring. Her solo compositions, which explore the material nature of sound in space, are dynamic and powerful affairs; rich in detail and texture. As a member of Group of Musical Researches (G.R.M) in the 1960s, she worked under the leadership of Pierre Schaeffer and contributed to Schaeffer’s seminal text « Traité des Objets Musicaux » (1966), as well as his realisation of his work « Solfège de l’Objet Sonore » (1967). At the end how this tenure, Ferreyra set about creating a body of work that is only now coming to be fully recognised and appreciated. This is her very first time to perform in Australia! She will perform two sets of multi-channel sound works from across her career.

Jun 192018

Three cities, four new editions from Room40. And frankly I couldn’t be happier about it.

From New York, Norman Westberg delivers After Vacation. It’s his first solo since completing his tenure with SWANS. I also had the pleasure of producing it for him.

From Tokyo, Toshimaru Nakamura charts the innermost workings of his No-Input Mixing Board on Re-Verbed (No-Input Mixing Board 9). Seriously deep dub and pulsing grooves in his most rhythmic undertaking to date!

And from Beijing, Yan Jun unfurls two editions. The first, Unconditional Love is an exploration of extreme frequency. The second, From Audience, is an incredible work of context and transition, recorded from countless moments on the cusp of live performances.

Here’s a film from Norman Westberg’ solo…

Jun 172018

It seems June and July have become out months of intensive live actions. Here’s a blow by blow of what’s on from Room40 and our associates in the coming few weeks…

Friday 22, Hobart – Charlemagne Palestine at Dark Mofo
Friday 22, Hobart – Drew McDowall Presents Coil’s Time Machines as part of Atonal’s Laterne at Dark Mofo
Saturday 23, Hobart – Borderlands with Merzbow, William Basinski and more at Dark Mofo
Saturday 23, Melbourne – Charlemagne Palestine at Holy Trinity Church Williamstown (The Substation)
Sunday 24, Hobart – The Disintegration Loops (Orchestral Arrangement) at Dark Mofo
Thursday 28, Sydney – Open Frame: Éliane Radigue (performed by Cat Hope), Charlemagne Palestine (Piano) and more at Carriageworks
Friday 29, Sydney – Open Frame: William Basinski, Pan Daijing and more at Carriageworks
Saturday 30, Brisbane – Charlemagne Palestine and Drew McDowall, Gallery Of Modern Art
Saturday 30, Melbourne – Pan Daijing and more presented with Liquid Architecture

Tuesday 3, Brisbane – William Basinski, Institute Of Modern Art
Friday July 6, Melbourne – Drew McDowall Presents Coil’s Time Machines + Kusum Normoyle

Then we sleep….

Jun 162018

There’s little question Mr Charlemagne Palestine is one of the iconoclasts of our generation. His works for piano, organ and voice, as well as his amazing installation work, chart out a very particular and personal course through art making. We are so pleased to welcome him to Australia this month for his most extensive visit to date. He performs at Dark Mofo, The Substation and GOMA, with a variety of performances for organ. He also presents an exclusive piano performance as part of Open Frame at Carriageworks.

A taste…