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ROOM40 : 15

I often think about Fitzcaraldo. It’s a film about obsession and struggle, and lets face it, insanity. The reason I think about it most though is because of Fitzgerald’s dogged determination to realise something born of pure desire. When Room40 started in 2000, I’ll admit I shared much of the vigour for the unthinkable that Fitzgerald did. Incrementally over the past 15 years Room40, with wonderful efforts from amazing artists, compatriots and collaborators, has grown from a single voice calling from the deep south, into a chorus of voices echoing across the globe. To hear these voices, singing in a polyphonic unison, brings me great pride.

In 2015, Room40 is celebrating 15 years with a series of special editions, releases and events. We start this month in Europe with a series of dates featuring artists Lawrence English, Rafael Anton Irisarri, John Chantler and Heinz Riegler:

Room40 : 15 (EU)

22 January 2015 | Spectaculare Festival, Prague (CZ) LPE, JC, HR
22 January 2015 | Feed, Kunstwerke, Berlin (DE) RAI
23 January 2015 | Cafe OTO, London (UK) LPE, RAI, JC
24 January 2015 | Netwerk, Aalst (BE) LPE, RAI, JC
25 January 2015 | Fluister, Dordrecht Museum, Dordrecht (NL) AFTERNOON SHOW? LPE, RAI, JC
28 January 2015 | Berghain, Berlin, As Part Of CTM Un Tune (DE) – LPE
29 January 2015 | Jazzhouse, Copenhagen (DK) LPE, RAI, JC
30 January 2015 | Blå, Oslo (NO)  LPE, RAI, JC
31 January 2015 | HEK, Basel (CH)  LPE, RAI, JC
1 February 2015 | Cave12, Geneva (CH)  LPE, JC