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2016 – Here’s the first action!

So here we are in 2016. We’re down some inspirational characters. Lets face it, both Bowie and Lemmy knew the value of much more than simply music. They allowed us to imagine, to transcend, and the power of that can’t be underestimated.

We’ve got some very exciting announcements coming in the next few weeks. To kick things off we couldn’t be more pleased to be presenting our first concert of the year with our friends at Carriageworks in Sydney. We’ll be welcoming Fennesz with Lillevan on visuals and Keith Fullerton Whitman for a special event on Friday Feb 26th. Fennesz is kindly in town thanks to the folks at Unsound/Adelaide Festival. Details and tickets for the show can be found HERE. Our sound will be coming care of Tonepacer, so expect immersion!