Apr 102019

Kevin Martin’s work has been tremendously important for me over the years. He has been a source of constant astonishment when it comes to the power of low end music. From his time in God, through his Techno Animal project with Justin Broadrick and into his work as The Bug, Martin’s sonic explorations have never ceased to inspire.

Sirens is his very first solo edition. It’s an utterly personal journey through the trauma and optimism he experienced during, and following, the birth of his first child. It’s harrowingly beautiful music, the kind of sound that reflects sonic affect at its most pure. I am so very pleased to be sharing it with you.

Mar 092019

We’re very pleased to announce our first suite of releases for the year.

First up is a new edition from Yann Novak, whose Scalar Fields collects two of the sound pieces from his acclaimed installation works. Shimmering fields of audio, Scalar Fields exposes the deceptively complex sound spaces Novak creates for his gallery offerings.

Alexandra Spence’s debut Waking, She Heard The Fluttering, catalogues a journey through sounds sought, discovered and subsequently synthesised; creating connections between sound, place, body, being and space. A record that is equal parts journey and destination.

Lastly we’ve very proud to make available two editions from Siavash Amini; Subsiding and What Wind Whispered To The Trees. Siavash’s work has resonated with us for a while, so to have the chance to work together is most welcome!

There’s PLENTY more to come folks, it’s going to be a splendid year…

Jan 232019

2019 marks the 40th year Merzbow has been creating his complex universe of noise. We are very pleased to be welcoming him back to Australia as our guest of honour for 2019’s Open Frame at Carriageworks this June.

Nov 202018

Just over 10 years ago Tomasz Bednarczyk contacted us with an amazing edition of uneasy but optimistic ambience, Summer Feelings. It’s with great pleasure we offer his latest edition for Room40, Illustrations For Those Who, a collection that breaks new ground with a series of exploratory minimalist techniques that are beguiling to say the very least.