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Arise in Sinking Feelings

April 12, 2024

Through the eye of the pinkish gate… Soft lights… cool evening breezes, toxic fumes, burnt champagne and supper for one… love and longing…disenchantment… and the murky meanderings of Pinkcourtesyphone. 

It is impossible for us to supply all the recipe ingredients needed for this, the sounds of soured romance, but we can at least dish up the musical setting on a deluxe digital porcelain platter (with a just few hairline cracks)… but only for an hour. A gourmet offering befitting a pall party without compare. 

Attempts have been made in this collection of recordings, obdurate and diegetic, to express anxiety, always, often, and sometimes.

‘Arise in Sinking Feelings’, an unmistakable pinkcourtesy mood, simply combinations of magic and memory that spin out within moments before our delighted senses… a fanciful flight of neurosis.

No one who is anyone has heard it and even they were met with incomprehension. “A Stunning Blandness!” read the headlines.

This album includes a printed insert of inspiration. Use it to gain maximum benefits from your study of Pinkcourtesyphone. Read and imbibe the insert while you listen to the recording. The Room40 Media Institute recommends the ‘Double Sensory’ method of absorbing sonic information. Its consistent use will greatly increase your powers of concentration and retention.

Let your feelings sink as you let Pinkcourtesyphone sink in… its secret can destroy you in its unyielding grasp. 


formed from places, plastics & particulars during 2022-2023. by Pinkcourtesyphone / Richard Chartier

mastered by Lawrence English
design BY Richard Chartier

thank you to R. Eckhardt, L. English, A. Callander, J. Dorris
no thanks to anxiety and those who conjure it

in dreams: Giuliana, D. Walters, C. Francis, K. Pandit, P. Harris, M. Antonioni, T. Guerra

© 2024 RICHARD CHARTIER. published by Touch Music/Fairwood Music UK Ltd