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Indelicate Slices

November 3, 2017
CD, Digital, Streaming

All is lost, all is lost. Or is it?

A poignant question from Pinkcourtesyphone. A haunting strain. A coat of gloss smeared.

A scene recalled, a fond memory, a terrible lie in this new dark age of love.

Suspended in that lush, lonely feeling, Pinkcourtesyphone implores you to hang breathless on the line, above the chandeliers in shimmering stasis that belie those desperate, shadowy passions underneath.

A creak, a glance. nothing is for certain anymore. that sentimental something echoed across corridors, valleys, crevices, and it was never true. that redundant physicality kept it suspended in the lens-trapped hearts of countless thousands.

A limited edition. seven excellent examples of negative mood music. Pinkcourtesyphone’s artistry is all lustrous sounds. new meaning and beauty for…oh, you don’t even want to know. The answer is buried under centuries of suffocatingly sweet tonalities we created. Just like romance, the mighty do fall with indelicate slices.

Is it dark outside already…?