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Kate Carr

A Field Guide To Phantasmic Birds

November 17, 2023

A note from Kate Carr

All the birds I never recorded, and some I did.

Re-imagined. Stretched and stuttering, glitching and morphing, swirling and sputtering.

Artifact and performance, digital bits all.

I imagine them swooping and calling in these scaffolds of sound I have made for them.

Gleaming amid technicolour jungles. Alive, unassailable; in a world we haven’t ruined.

In a field recording I never made.


releases November 17, 2023

Credits: All tracks composed and mixed by Kate Carr
Tracks 2-4 composed from dawn chorus field recordings from South Africa, Australia and the UK from 2015-2022.
Track 1 composed primarily with bird horns.
Mastered by Lawrence English at Negative Space