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Andrew Tuttle

Alexandra Variations

September 4, 2020

From Andrew Tuttle
Given the cataclysmic bushfire season, global health pandemic and it’s direct impact on the livelihoods and welfare of so many friends here and abroad, and an overdue reckoning of structural injustice across the world; creating and releasing music can at times feel like an indulgence.

So in “these uncertain times” (a phrase which we’re all undoubtedly anticipating the demise in relevance of), it has been a real honour and honestly a day to day boost to read and hear that music I completed 18 months ago and released in May 2020 has resonated with people. I was incredibly happy when making Alexandra, a feeling which is more than replicated in every discussion I have with old friends, new peers and a variety of attentive sets of ears.

This ‘Alexandra Variations’ EP, which came out of some discussions I had with Lawrence English a month or so where we had a chance to reflect on the album, is a companion piece to Alexandra of which I’m so proud to share.