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Alexandra Spence

Blue waves, Green waves

June 24, 2022

For the past few years I’ve been interested in bodies of water and the connections between bodies and water. The sea has always felt like home, and having lived on both the east and west edges of the Pacific Ocean it has become a place of connection for me.

I’ve been thinking about the Pacific Ocean as a home – not only to marine creatures and sea currents – but to the obscure movements of global trade, offshore data barges, and sunken satellites deactivated and dumped from space. Vast bodies seem infinite, but nothing is. Imagining an infinite ocean has led to overfishing, floating plastic-particle gyres, lost whales (as a result of the underwater din of shipping and naval industries), and an international sense of unaccountability.

My compositional process is deeply intuitive, and although I’ve been thinking about these issues, this album isn’t about these things. Blue waves, Green waves is more a personal attempt to connect with this vast watery body – evoking the physical sensation of being in, and with the ocean – sea spray (thick with salt) lashing skin, foamy whitewater evaporating through fingers, inhaling the salty water of a wave, air bubbles hissing past ears as they escape to the surface.

This release features a full-length video, a synthetic abstraction of light moments and water feelings by Rachael Archibald, which is included as a download on the release of the edition.