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mike cooper

Buy Batteries And Shelter Pets

March 4, 2022

Buy Batteries And Shelter Pets was the advice given to the UK residents recently, preceding the advance of three major storms across the countries. Almost as absurd as the advice of “put a brown paper bag over your head and get under your desk” given to us as school children in the 1960s should a nuclear attack be expected, but that was of course ‘last century’.

In the 21st Century it seems the absurd has not gone away and parts of our so called civilisation are in fact still living in the middle ages while others stagger backwards and forwards in a seemingly schizophrenic digital nightmare as our politicians not only fail us but are in fact destroying us.

These two pieces were recorded on February 25th and 26th 2022 as Russia invades the Ukraine. On Room 40 I am usually associated with a more tranquil, ambient style of music but these two pieces are an expression of my outrage and impotence.

“Protest and attract attention/ Our emotional style will register annoyance..”

Mike Cooper/Valencia/Spain – March 1st 2022.