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Hari Maia

Distant Fields

April 2, 2021

From Hari Maia

“Distant Fields” was recorded during the 2020 pandemic period. Here in Rio, these are times that we are still facing today and very little has shifted for the better from where we were this time last year. I decided to record this music both for me and also to help my friends relax and travel a little bit through the melodies and atmospheres, if not through their bodies. It’s a music for motion, for internal travel and for expanding the spaces around us.

This work was my first time experimenting with a little synth, the Korg Volca Keys. I also recorded numerous domestic objects that had an interesting sound. I think like a lot of us, I was spending so much time inside that everything around me became a potential sound source – something I could maybe get a sound from or use as a source material in some way.

When I’m composing I like the idea of thinking about a place, or creating a narrative in a place I imagine, so in this way “Distant Fields” is not so different or me. I am wanting us to reach out together into this other place, maybe we don’t go to the same place, but we go somewhere together and in those moments we find ourselves decompressing from the inside out and expanding the spaces within ourselves.