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With Moths

For Silence

January 1, 2016
Cassette, Digital, Streaming

Wellington is a city encased by mountains and ocean. At times, it can seem as though there is no escape from the geographic boundaries that guard the city. From within this enclave, With Moths transmissions can be heard.

For the past few years, With Moths has been creating an uncomfortable decay of songs; taking the corpse of gothic motifs and burying them deep in a wash of reverberant chorus and and wavering pitch. Keyboards, guitar and voice well up together, echoing against each other in an ill at ease call and response.

For Silence is the title of his latest work and focuses both aesthetic and lyrical concerns on issues of mortality, death and the act of passing. For Silence offers a haunted soundtrack to the specters of the living and the dead – it sketches out imaginary spaces in which these souls co-exist together.

Having previously issued editions for Kimberley Dawn and Vinyl Only Tapes, For Silence is his first edition for A Guide To Saints and threads a suite of new patches to his musical quilt.