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Mike Cooper

Fratello Mare

August 1, 2015
LP, Digital, Streaming

Fratello Mare, a reference to Folco Quilici’s classic film of the same name, is the latest tropical opus from UK born, Italian based musician Mike Cooper. 

It’s Cooper’s continuing ode to the Pacific, its people and the traditions that have flowed from that part of the world into seemingly endless iterations within contemporary culture. Recorded across 2014, the album dovetails neatly with his other Room40 editions White Shadows In The South Seas and the post-everything classic Rayon Hula. It expands his combining of highly personal lap steel playing, with exotic music and percussion alongside field recordings made on islands across South East Asia and the Caribbean whilst on residencies and other travels. 

At the record’s heart is a yearning these distant islands that dot the vast oceans. A love letter of sorts, a poetic and dreamlike wandering, that sonically traverses the ever-changing edge of land and sea and Cooper’s musical imagination.

Selected press

* The Wire: “Fratello Mare plays out like a dream within a dream, a series of slow dissolves through phantom vistas of the islands of the Pacific Ocean, of South East Asia and the Caribbean, via foggy field recordings, percussion and guitar.” 
* Tiny Mix Tapes: “Sweet, sweet Mike Cooper has just leaned in through my bedroom window to whisper his plans to continue efforts to make me feel as if I have gone to the beach without getting wet.” 
* FACT: “the album combines his lap steel with exotic music and percussion along with field recordings made on islands across South East Asia and the Caribbean, and it’s a briney, sun-bleached daydream of a record.” 
*AdHoc: “Cooper lacquers snippets of plucked strings and fractured beats over a montage of ephemara and images from Polynesia and beyond” 
* Sound Colour Vibration: “The hypnotic and mystic nature of Mike Cooper’s forthcoming LP, Fratello Mare, is unparalleled, sourced from his infamous experimental approach to the lap steel, exotic organic and electronic percussive overwashes, expansive guitar and synthetic grid work.”