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Rod Cooper


December 20, 2004
CD, Digital, Streaming

Friction is the culmination of over a decade of instrument building practice and design. My predominant choice of material is metal. I am attracted to its qualities like a shiny lure that reflects light and filters sound.

Each instrument can take up to three years to design and several weeks to construct. Initially I focussed on percussion and bowing, however recent instruments have employed continuos bowing mechanisms.

Coming from a background of sculpture and later working as a furniture designer, gives me the freedom to imagine wild objects and the discipline to actually produce them. I was never satisfied playing a traditional instrument, yet I had a burning desire to make music. My instruments are like a riddle, which I have solved through my own means.

In my life I have spent much time in nature and I feel this comes out through my music as much as the industrial qualities of metal are apparent. The more intentional aspects of my sound are the open space, or the big sound as other people have put it to me. Most of the tracks are pieces of music composed specifically for each instrument and are just recorded as one take. The instrument is the composition.

Comfort through dissonance.