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Annea Lockwood

Glass World

September 8, 2023

“I have become fascinated by the complexity of the single sound.” – Annea Lockwood

A note from Lawrence English
To attempt to summarise the journey of Annea Lockwood’s life, as a composer and performer, is difficult if not impossible. For six decades now, she has carved out a multifarious and fluid existence that has orbited various musical movements and approaches. Hers is a life led by intuition, curiosity and listening, one in which passion is paramount and wonderment abounds.

If you were to reflect upon one aspect of her way of being that holds the greatest gravity in her day to day, it is perhaps listening that resonates most vibrantly. It is a practice that she has sought to deepen, with an unwavering dedication across her life, and a it is practice that has sustained her in the absolute. It’s here that Glass World comes into focus for it documents some of her first significant studies into sound, object and listening. It is a recording that captures her in a moment of profound fascination with a rather familiar material, glass.

This recording celebrates many things, amongst them Lockwood’s willingness to allow single sounds to resonate, fully. Across…  more


released September 8, 2023

Composed by Annea Lockwood
Mastered by Lawrence English at Negative Space
Photography by Geoff Adam
Design by T.Pakioufakis