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Todd Anderson-Kunert & GX Jupitter-Larsen

Hydrology Suspended

March 12, 2021

Water flows and creates an in-between, a space that feels like it isn’t at times. To discuss this space created between bodies feels like a contradiction, but in remembering that we have bodies, and that we can interact allows a certain solace, a connection between disparate places, thoughts, and people.

It feels incorrect to assume that this connection could create parallels, that these bodies share the same feelings and thoughts. But there is always a chance that connections can be made, formed, and broken, and ruminating on the possibilities can lead to thoughts greater than our actual experiences. Jumping in puddles is not simply about splashing water.

If we were offered the possibility of suspending our hydrologies, it could offer the potential to further dissect, and explore, the spaceless place of the in-between. What it is between us, and what happens if we jump in it.

This film is a result of an ever-evolving correspondence between two friends, GX Jupitter-Larsen and Todd Anderson-Kunert, achieved by exchanging video clips back & forth during the years 2017 through 2020. Each subsequent video in the exchange was a direct reaction to the previous.