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Siavash Amini + Rafael Anton Irisarri


March 20, 2020

From Siavash Amini:
Our collaborations and conversations started at a crucial point for both of us in 2016 when things were falling apart in both our countries. We knew it, we could feel it. It was a mutual concern for what will happen to us, to our friends, family and loved ones. Since then, there has been cycles of political oppression and economic uncertainty for us both; as we went forward more similarities between our pains and concerns took shape.

And now we find ourselves here, again two countries that are suffering under some serious mismanagement, which echoes the shortcomings of how we operate in the day to day. While pessimism about the world is still, as always, intact, the will to push through grows stronger everyday. Now, more than ever, we’re in this together; in this huge clusterfuck.

Music – no matter made by whom or how – can’t change things but solidarity and mutual support is a step in a right direction.

Here is us trying our best.Sounds recorded between New York and Tehran.