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Light In August, Later

January 2, 2009
CD, Digital, Streaming

Light In August, Later is the latest work from Tokyo based musician and composer aus (Yasuhiko Fukuzono).

It’s a measured and paced collection of pieces that evoke warm visions of open plains, sun causing mirages to gather on the ground. In this vision the detail of the environment close at hand somehow becomes united with the epic horizon laid out beyond it. It is in fact this relationship between focused detail and sweeping texture that is at the very heart of this edition.

Matching cycled melodic passages with tiny electronic clicks and tones, aus generates a music that borrows the harmonic intent of pop but reduces it to a fine grain. Melodies blossom, are swept up in a gauze of processing and become transformed into something exquisitely intimate and engaging.

Collaborating with Viennese musician Glim on two pieces, and joined by artists such as Cokiyu on others, this is a record that speaks to aus’s abilities not only as a composer, but also a sound crafter of the highest order. An essential and compelling deconstruction of electronic infused pop by one of Japan’s most impressive young artists.