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Tom Smith & Marcus Whale


March 3, 2016
Cassette, Digital, Streaming

Marcus Whale (solo, Collarbones, Black Vanilla, Scissor Lock) and Tom Smith (Thomas William, T Morimoto, Cleptoclectics) present Localities, a throbbing imaginary journey through those neighbourhoods they know exist, but which remain unseen by them. 

Four fierce rhythmic pulsations that haunt like the ghosts of places imagined, but never witnessed.

Sonic Masala: “Sydneysiders Marcus Whale (Scissor Lock, Collarbones, Black Vanilla) and Tom Smith (AKA Thomas William, fixture of Sydney’s experimental music scene) come together to Localities, one of a few excellent cassettes to come out recently on A Guide To Saints. The four track tribalistic alternamarch is their interpretation of journeying through neighbourhoods that are seemingly familiar yet remain unseen, the slight overlapping of parallel worlds that only the chosen few may experience. Rather than this be a Clive Barker urban S&M nightmare, however, Localities becomes a sinuous, propulsive heartbeat, palpitating synthetic jungle rhythms that are both sinister and jubilant, a neon necropolis of dead loves and living loathes. All abrasion and anxieties, and indeed tremulous triumphs, are washed away in the warm hum of closer ‘Kynemagh’.”