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August 18, 2016
CD, Digital, Streaming

“Sometime in the early to mid 00s, I was on tour in Japan. I was playing at the now closed venue Bridge in Tennoji. It was one of my favourite venues in Japan, mostly as Tennoji still holds those secrets of Japan’s 20TH century history; the nocturnal, dreamlike sensibilities that reach out to us from beyond, much like say Chris Marker’s San Soleil does.

The concert was most memorable though for one reason – Ytamo. Before I performed, Ytamo, (who at the time I had not heard of) commandeered a piano and created one of the most unusual and soothing pieces of music I had ever heard. These were songs that felt as if they were on the edge of consciousness, they flowed with grooves that seemed to suggest a deep hypnosis. It was quite honestly audio magic.

Now the better part of a decade on, I have the pleasure to have a hand in making her latest recording available. MI WO orbits in a more aquatic space than her earlier works. Shimmering electronics abound, melodies like the tides and rhythms that vibrate with oceanic gravity.

Originally created to accompany an exhibition by Argentine artist Natali Katz, MI WO sees Ytamo expand her palette considerably. She melts together the core of her song explorations with a rich sonic texturing that is both compelling and evocative. 
It’s my great privilege to share this with you.”

Lawrence English, 2016 

Artwork by Ippei Matsui 

TinyMixTapes – “The album is stunningly diverse in its instrumentation, with tracks like “100 Bird Stories” and “Hen” melding highly synthesized tones with more organic-sounding percussion”