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DJ Olive Meets I/O3

Powerhouse Session

December 12, 2002
CD, Digital, Streaming

The first in a series of edition releases from ::room40::, DJ Olive Meets I/O3 was recorded live at Brisbane Powerhouse on Sunday November 11 2001.

Originally spending some of his teenage years in Canberra, Gregor Asch aka DJ Olive has had a long association with Australia, as have Brisbane native trio I/O3.

The edition is a collection of edited improvisations from the two sets performed by the quartet (Asch, English, Patton, Reigler), which captures the moods of the rainy afternoon on which it was created.

Opening with a subtle soundscape, the session morphs and shifts between abstract audio cutups, alien chattering voices and segments of interacting rhythms, distressed guitars, delayed keyboard drones and spacious turntable soundscapes. These improvisations traverse an expansive range of sounds and styles and this edition collects but a few of the moments of this unique exchange.