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Zane Trow


October 14, 2023

we have now
at the clamour of decaying demes, we are … present
dusk creatures: is it night yet?
breath … heed obscure
never still, rusting barter croons far thoroughfares
frogs have a pamphlet
nihility and the infinite now
duration’s cryptic abstract

The simplest of these works have taken the most cajoling towards their intended form … dust in the breeze of a sonic moment … others are a textual gesture toward peculiar notions of sound as memory and evocation.

Zane Trow 2023


releases October 14, 2023

created, recorded, audiomulched and mixed at studio vector, slacks creek between 2021 – 2023.
zane trow – synthesizers, devices, field recordings, treatments
stephen spencer – saxophone, treatments

I would like to show my respect and acknowledge Traditional Custodians, Elders past, present and emerging, the Traditional Owners of the lands, winds and waters.