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Rand And Holland

Rand And Holland

March 21, 2016
Cassette, Digital, Streaming

In 2011, Australian folk band Rand and Holland officially parted ways.  
Since then, the band’s leader Brett Thompson has sat on this final recording. Until now. 
In the months before their end, Thompson and the other members of Rand and Holland played a series of burning live sets in their hometown of Sydney that marked out a new and more ferocious sonic territory. They were performances born of imploding band dynamics and fuelled by interpersonal ruptures forming within the band. 
The sets polarised audiences, equally exciting and horrifying. Heavy and apocalyptic, these live experiments informed this self-titled edition from Rand and Holland. 
Produced by long term collaborator Chris Townend (Laura Jean, Grand Salvo, Oren Ambarchi), the record is forceful, rich and powerful; filled with a restless fire and a burdened heaviness. It is the group’s most intense offering. Thompson summarises the record as “the ultimate sit alone and feel anxious album”. 

Recording sessions were hazy and tense and repeatedly cancelled and rescheduled. In this black pool of uncertainty and tension perhaps the finest hour of Rand and Holland was revealed. Nothing comes easy and nothing good ever came without some bloodletting. 


selected press

FACT: “It’s the sound of a band imploding only to invite you to take some time walking through the wreckage.” 
The Quietus: “It’s the sound of a band trying to shatter something, like the explosive sonic nuclear bombs heard on Swans’ recent masterworks. It’s the sound of a band destroying itself.” 
4ZZZ: “The folks at A Guide To Saints have returned, like forensic scientists and unearthed the final recordings of Rand & Holland and no-one will be using the words “unique pop sensibilities.”