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Austin Buckett

Sand Stems

April 2, 2014
Digital, Streaming

Sand Stems 1-7 is an EP of remixes using material from Austin Buckett’s Grain Loops. Buckett asked for new perspectives on the archival-esque material from 7 different artists: Andrew Pekler (Germany), Giuseppe Ielasi (Italy), Delofi (Leaving Records, USA), sought-after footworker DJ Earl (Teklife, Chicago) alongside Australian artists Te’ (Kynan Tan+Andrew Brooks), Thomas William, and Scissorlock (Marcus Whale).

From Italy’s Giuseppe Ielasi and his cracked media explorations through dual walkmans, American beats producer Delofi’s ultra panning perspectives to Thomas William’s minimal groove based textures, Grain Loops is reduced, refocused and redefined. Enjoy!