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Norman Westberg

Short Songs For The Long Winter

December 4, 2020

A note from Lawrence English

2020 has been many things for us; equal parts challenging and profoundly revealing of the simple beauties our lives together can manifest.

One such simple pleasure has been the chance for collaboration, afforded by a wondrous sense of slowing and opening of time. One such collaboration I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy is working on these two new pieces for my friend Norman Westberg.

Norman and I have worked on a few projects together now. His After Vacation LP being the most involved. He has also kindly played on some of my recordings and through doing so has brought so much more life and vitality to them.

There’s little question that we’re looking into a long winter to close 2020. Being a resident of the global south, from my end, we have already had our winter and I know from experience that Norman’s works were a great tool for navigating those changes in season and a perfect tint to the interior acoustic spaces that become our focus in the cooler months.

So now as we find ourselves slowing again, preparing to transition to a new year, I am pleased to share a set of pieces from Norman, which I have been working on across the fading light of this year.

Norman’s music somehow folds time back into itself, something especially caught in these two pieces that feel as though they float outside time. Perhaps, for those moments when we listen, we are invited to float within this other sensing of time and for an instant dwell outside of the everyday.