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Tomasz Bednarczyk

Summer Feelings

March 30, 2008
Digital, Streaming

There’s an exquisiteness that dominates much of Tomasz Bednarczyk debut release for Room40 Summer Feelings. 

Whilst the title might suggest uplifting rafts of melody and shimmering texture baked in the sun – Bednarczyk’s summers are experienced in Poland and ultimately tempered by snowy winters. With this tempering comes a sensibility to his compositions that creates a deeply personal impression of summer through sound. 

Longing piano passages, akin to those found on Eno’s ambient masterpieces, are edited and washed with various processes. As the release unfolds, the details of the subdued field recordings come to the fore, creating a depth to his work. 

Utilising restrained almost fragile aesthetics, Bednarczyk goes about documenting various ‘holiday stories’ and events which find new meaning in the ears of the listener. An album dense with emotive spatial character and powerful imagined narrative.