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Erik Griswold


October 7, 2022

From Erik Griswold

“Sunshowers” is a triptych exploring the resonance of the piano.

“Out of heart of light” (a fragment of text from T.S. Eliot) uses a rapid-fire rhythmic technique to sound out slowly changing tonal clusters. Chaotic repetitions of tones create unpredictable fluctuations in the sound colour, a kind of “glowing” effect.

“Ghosts” reveals a series of sustaining chords and amplifies imperfections in the decay. We hear the “ghosts” – the normally unheard details – inside the sound.

“Sunshowers” presents a sequence of cascading arpeggios, gently falling from right to left. As the harmonies gradually transform the resonance shifts across the colour spectrum like a rainbow.


released October 7, 2022