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Tape 1

July 14, 2017
Cassette, Digital, Streaming

Enderie is Andrew McLellan.

Forged by a passion for low tech sampler explorations and hard repeated sonic phrasings, Enderle’s debut edition, unassumingly titled Tape 1 is an ambivalent product of ever-accelerating gentrification. Like so many McLellan found himself in a sound field of industrial demolition and recreation, market speculation and erasure. A stolen body hammered under successive waves of (de)construction, something documented in the video which accompanies this edition.

“Every angle is literally a view I have from my current window,” He says of the video work, “I’m looking down into a pit filled with mostly de-unionised 6-day per week workers who have travelled much, much further than I would have to if that were my workplace, building their way out of the city. So what’s my role here? “

Enduring successive incursions into his everyday, as various tower blocks gradually grey-out any hint of daylight from his room, McLellan’s Tape 1 documents these intensities of contemporary city living. The music itself bares these marks, calculated blasts of techno infused cut-ups are layered, reduced and reconstructed. The sense of history in each piece, slowly twisted and reconstituted, much like each street with its once-community now pushed along, creates something that falls into the category of ‘strange familiar’.