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Yann Novak

The Breeze Blowing Over Us

May 1, 2020

From Yann Novak

The Breeze Blowing Over Us’ began with a recording of a box fan in the bedroom window of my loft in Seattle. I recorded it during the first weekend my partner and I spent together in the summer of 2008.  

The technique I was exploring at the time was to transform a single environmental recording—through digital processing—into a bank of recordings. I would then use these iterations of the original to construct and compose the entire album. My intent was to use these iterative recordings as an opportunity to meditate on the original experience and infuse some of that emotion and sentiment into the final piece.

It was not the first time I attempted this, but it became one of the most meaningful.  In this case, the original recording marked our first weekend together and by the time it was finished and released in spring 2009, we were living together in Los Angeles.