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Chris Abrahams


March 5, 2005
CD, Digital, Streaming

Equipped with a positive organ, a forte piano, a DX-7 and a piano, Chris Abrahams creates an exquisite and detailed extended composition on Thrown. A divergent audio scape is created here – Abrahams shifts moods with a decisive intensity, never willing to settle into one stream. 

Intense movements of eerily prepared organ move alongside his trademark flowing piano textures and scattered DX-7 arrangements. The results are quite unlike anything Abrahams has created before – an essential recording that places Abrahams at the forefront of Australian contemporary composition.

“Abrahams relentless and steady patterning started to metamorphose the nature of the piano, the upper chords sounding like a distant locomotive hoot, and then an accordion weaving in and out of a shimmering bank of flutes.” THE WIRE, UK