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Totemo Aimasho

July 2, 2007
CD, Digital, Streaming

In essence Tokyo’s Tenniscoats celebrate all that makes song vital in our collective conscious. Matching emotive live performance against delicately psychedelic folk songs, the duo of Saya and Takashi Ueno (assisted by a plethora of floating members), create some of the most compelling music currently emanating from Japan.

On Totemo Aimasho – loosely translated as ‘Lets Meet Very Much’ – Tenniscoats find themselves traveling across countries, scribing audio journal entries from Australia, Japan and the UK. Recorded in all three countries over 18 months, this edition bares witness to the divergent sonic nature of the group.

From the sweetly psychedelic ‘Cacoy’ through to the ambience of ‘Aurora Curtains’ and the synthesized folk of ‘To Do First’ this record paints an audio portrait of Tenniscoats vast and evocative musical prowess.

Produced by ROOM40 honcho Lawrence English and co-produced by John Chantler and Saya, the title Totemo Aimasho sums up so much about the process of it’s creation – a record of anticipated meetings, disparate spaces and excited exchanges.


“their most impressive statement so far, a convincing and beguiling melange of whispy folk, hazy psychedelia and murmuring electronics among which deft melodies blossom almost unnoticed” THE WIRE