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Tujiko Noriko / Lawrence English / John Chantler


August 2, 2007
CD, Digital, Streaming

Tujiko Noriko joins with collaborators Lawrence English and John Chantler for ‘U’, a record of orbiting themes, esoteric lyrical wordplays and warm analog-infused song-forms.

Following on from the acclaimed ‘Blurred In My Mirror (ROOM40), ‘U’ is an LP of phases and exchanges between Paris and Brisbane over a three year period. Like its recording process, it unfolds with a time-lapse exposure – capturing moments of absolute loss and unrelenting ecstasy. It’s a record of extended technique and unconventional method (both in terms of song writing cycles and production), but most of all U is a swelling passage through the rare and eccentric reality Tujiko Noriko evokes with her curiously distant songs.

U, a title chosen for its ‘shape’ (reflecting the collaborative nature of the record), is by far one of Noriko’s most affecting records. It’s also one of her most eclectic, littered with songs that are telling of the world in which Tujiko Noriko finds herself.