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V​å​gnende Jeg Ser De D​ø​de

February 10, 2023

From øjeRum

“Vågnende Jeg Ser De Døde” {“Awakening I See The Dead”} was recorded during the Easter holidays 2022 on an old piano in an old house secluded in the Danish countryside.

While recording, radio waves and static electricity interfered with the signal – sometimes subtly, sometimes more pronounced – supplying the recording with an accidental ghost accompaniment. This chance encounter let me to contact Scanner as I knew of his use of radio waves and police scanners. The result was the two remixes accompanying my piano recording.

“Vågnende Jeg Ser De Døde” is a line from a Danish Easter Psalm; “Awakening I See The Dead, in an Easter morning red”.


releases February 10, 2023

øjeRum track by Paw Grabowski

Remixes performed and transformed by Robin Rimbaud – Scanner

Artwork by Paw Grabowski

Mastering by Lawrence English at Negative Space