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Siavash Amini

What Wind Whispered To The Trees

March 29, 2019
Digital / Streaming

From Siavash…

I was watching The Mirror obsessively around 2013-2014. I wouldn’t go a day without watching at least a scene from the film. Something about the dreamlike flux of images made me calm, sometimes hopeful, many times just simply mesmerised. 

The writings of Dostoyevsky had the same effect on me some years earlier. I lived in his books as I did in this movie.

I remember watching the scene where the mother is compared to Maria Timofeyevna, it all went around in my head like a dream; like a world of associations that surrounded my feelings. The significance of wind and trees, which are my lifelong obsessions, made this more beguiling. I chose certain characters from the film and two novels and let them play their own drama and sculpt time with sounds and images which later became some of these tracks.