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Frost For A Bee Mask & A Pinkcourtesyphone

We’ve stepped into Open Frame with great vigour this year. Its been a whopping start to the festival and to celebrate we’re very pleased to be issuing three new editions.

The first is a wonderful vinyl re-issue of Ben Frost’s Steelwound – a masterpiece of tectonic guitar – you can nab this immediately at BOOMKAT or find it at the Room40 Store in a few weeks.

Our second edition comes from Bee Mask, easily one of our favourite electro-acoustic masterminds hailing from the USA. His Vaporware / Scanops work lays out a new framework for his approaches to electronics – one we’re very excited by. The digital is available exclusively here for now and will be followed an LP edition released on Oct 1st via our friends at Boomkat and also Forced Exposure. It’s limited to 500 copies.

Our final edition comes from a long time Room40 associate Mr Richard Chartier, whose Pinkcourtesyphone taps into a darker, more cinematic world than his minimal solo works. As Pinkcourtesyphone, Chartier takes us deep into filmic overtones, shaded colour hues and uneasy narratives. A truly masterful excursion into the unsettled and disassociated. Music for uneasy dreaming.