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In May we are very pleased to welcome some fine folk from the Northern Hemisphere here in the south.

John Chantler, one of the original Room40 clan is headed down for a special concert before heading home to his ancestral home some hours north of Brisbane. John has been quietly cultivating, in my humble opinion, some of the finest modular synth work this side of the 20th century. He will play at The Milk Factory Wednesday March 10.

The following week one of my favourite Organists Aine O’Dwyer is here thanks to the fine folks from Liquid Architecture and Altmusic. We’ve teamed up with Liquid Architecture to host a special offsite show as part of the MONO series. This concert will happen at The Old Museum Tuesday May 16th from 7.45 sharp. Kusum Normoyle is also in town ready to cultivate a hellish noise of beauty.