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Rosenfeld + Carchesio + Coster

It’s mid year! Seems like a blink and you’d have missed 2013.

We’re very excited to have the new edition from Marina Rosenfeld P.A. / HARD LOVE arriving any day – it’s an LP we’ve done via our friends at Boomkat and it’s been elegantly cut by none other than Rashad at D+M in Berlin. You can read a fine essay on the record by author Bill Dietz HERE.

Also available are two outstanding editions from antipodean’s Eugene Carchesio (the latest archival collection from our on-going series – Concert For One Person In A Small Room – completed remastered!) and Tim Coster (a collection of elegant modular-synth micro-works titled A Moment’s Ornament).

You can check out audio samples from our soundcloud playlist below.