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The Gentle Waking Of Someone Good

In 2015, we had the pleasure to enjoy Room40’s 15th anniversary. It was quite a year and absorbed a great deal of our time. Now that it has passed, we’re able to refocus our attentions and the first place our attentions are headed is to reawakening the Someone Good label.

Someone Good was started almost ten years ago by myself and Bec English following an incredible demo submission from the then unknown Akira Kosemura. Our first edition ‘Add To Friends’ charted out the orbit of music we were interested to explore. In short, we could be called avant-pop.

In 2016 we’re pleased to announce two new editions from the label. First is an album from Nara based artist Ytamo. Her work is unspeakably beautiful, coloured with oceanic vibrations. I had the pleasure to perform with her in 2006 and again in 2009, on both occasions she flawed me with her performances. Joining her is Brisbanite Andrew Tuttle, who delivers an instrumental lp of electro-acoustic pop songs. Andrew’s work brings together distant references to folk, pop and contemporary electronics in the most unexpected ways. These two editions are the first in a series of new editions from one of our label family.