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Dusk For The Year

Hard to believe 2011 is almost gone. It’s been a busy one to be sure, but still feels like we can juice a little more out of it. With that said, very glad to be welcoming the fine Mr Frank Fairfield to Brisbane for his first visit. Frank plays Syncretism at The Judy on Thursday December 15, you can nab tickets HERE. He’s joined by the equally fine Mr Ryan Francesconi, who we’re very glad to welcome back to Oz! Special thanks to our friends at Micronations for teeing up Frank’s visit.

Looking forward into the early parts of 2012, LPE and Scott Morrison team up for a very special presentation in honour of John Cage at the most excellent MONOFONA. Celebrating his 100th and the 20th anniversary of his only film work, One11 (refocused) is a homage to Cage’s varied influence and legacy. Hope you’re planning a top one Mr Cage! In Feb, we’re welcoming Spencer Clark and Mark McGuire to Oz…2012 is looking tops!