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Year Of The Dragon

So here we approaching the end of the first month of the year of the dragon! It’s looking to be a very exciting year – a rising tide of new releases, including some lovely new LPS, plus some re-issues from the Room40 vault on vinyl and plenty of events all over the place.

We kick off the editions for 2012 with two new CDs and one digital release. ANDREA BELFI’S Wege, is something of a masterwork from this esoteric percussionist and composer. Easily his most considered release to date, it pulses with a subtle Reich-like motion. By contrast, eRikm’s Transfall sees our favourite French turntablist and  composer deliver a collection of his stunning works for theatre and dance – a visceral and dynamic journey that charts his continued development as one of the key voices in contemporary concréte. And to celebrate the 70th anniversary of MIKE COOPER, we’re very pleased to launch a year long celebration with a free edition titled Distant Songs Of Madmen – an incredible live recording from Palermo and a reminder of his unflinching willingness to let fly with the unexpected.

To live events and we start back in February with our ongoing SYNCRETISM series which this month presents one of our favourite US based artists Mark McGuire alongside one of Brisbane’s finest avant-rock acts Blank Realm. More to come from there!