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The Rational Academy

A Heart Against Your Own

February 2, 2008
CD, Digital, Streaming

Birthed from of an explosive DIY underground in Brisbane, Australia sometime during the early moments of 2004, The Rational Academy are the epitome of shimmering avant-infused pop.

With an unerring willingness to dispense with the pleasantries of expectation and convention, The Academy’s songwriting duo Benjamin Thompson and Meredith McHugh have forged a unique place in the heartland of melodic song writing, etched with glistening electronic interludes and wall of sound guitars. Their songs are replete with sweet melody, reflective lyrics and a presence that’s both engulfing and expansive for the listener.

Produced by Room40’s Lawrence English and featuring Iceland’s Ben Frost, UK based duo For Barry Ray and others, ‘A Heart Against Your Own’ follows on from The Rational Academy’s two, now highly collectible, seven inches, a swag of compilation appearances and projects with the likes of Japanese songstress Tujiko Noriko and Novi Split.