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Erik Griswold

Wallpaper Music 3

October 12, 2007
Digital, Streaming

American born, Australian based composer and improviser Erik Griswold creates elaborate piano preparations Cage would be proud of. A willing and apt experimenter, Griswold’s ‘Altona Sketches’ for the ROOM40 label paved the way for this series of evocative hour-long compositions.

Each based on a particular approach to the prepared piano, Griswold’s marathon one take recording efforts have been summarized here with three selections that characterize his increasingly personal compositional and performance methods.

Each piece acts as ‘a wallpaper’, an audio tint gilded with intricate sonic detailing and an overwhelming sense of intimacy.

The looping phrases and Griswold’s unique sense of timing create a potent reminder of the potentials of this instrument in the right set of hands.