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Pale Earth


March 1, 2017
Digital, Streaming

Pale Earth is Benjamin Thompson.

“Always” is a new trilogy of works created in 2016. As it unfolds, it strips itself, revealing raw process. It redirects the focus from the macro, toward something more isolated and singular. The three acts it is divided into, can be thought of as dreamy iterations. They are a movie adaptation, an oral history and a documentary of the same story. 

Cinematic in its approach, Thompson’s own travels influence and signpost the record. Ancesteral ghosts follow lovers home, down the vast and dividing winter mountains of South-East Taiwan. Epileptic lights strobe across bodies behind the door of every concrete block of Tokyo’s thick summer downpour. Quiet loops conjured into existence during the early hours shrink away from the thin walls of 1920’s studio apartments. While you were here, while you were away. While you were awake, while you were asleep. Always.

Always is a literal reflection of itself. A body of work not conceived as a final anthology, rather a gathered moment of the practice with which Thompson journals and soundtracks his own life day to day.

Artwork by Saoirse