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Pale Earth

Sun Tribes

April 1, 2016
Cassette, Digital, Streaming

Pale Earth is Benjamin Thompson (The Rational Academy)

This latest offering from Pale Earth explores the worlds of human interaction illuminated by cold, hard streetlights and hazy late night computer screens. It is here, sounds from the digital world are nuzzled and cajoled by those from the real world. Through an exploration of new neighbourhoods and relationships spanning Tokyo to Brisbane, “Sun Tribes” is a beautiful blur of people, places and memories increasingly obscured by the baggage of time. 
The result is 8 pieces mapped out like a loose narrative that run a gauntlet of anxiety, fleeting safety and uncertainty, with an almost morbid fascination, perhaps even predilection, towards the dangerous and the defeated. 

It is unclear at times if this is the narrative of an unfolding dream or its retelling the next morning. It’s beautifully overwhelming, a blurry inundation of life’s memories.